What to Buy in Prague? 13 Best Souvenirs and Places

What to Buy In Prague? Those days of less congested highways and stores are long gone. Prague’s retail culture evolved over time, establishing it as a world-renowned shopping hotspot.

All shopaholics will love shopping in Prague. Customers will find a variety of surprises here, from stylish garments and cool urban wear to organic produce and antique designs, in a number of stores.

Indulge in some street shopping while strolling around Prague’s bustling streets.

Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, boasts a wide range of possibilities for everyone, including the opportunity to purchase Prague souvenirs at a reasonable price.

13 Traditional Places & Souvenirs to Buy in Prague | What To Buy In Prague?

Prague is a lovely city for shopping and sightseeing. Travelers from all over the world come to Prague to live out their vacation fantasies. Prague offers a diverse range of souvenir shopping opportunities.

1. Palác knih Luxor

On Wenceslas Square, Palac Knih Luxor is in a prime location. This book lover’s paradise comprises four levels of volumes, ensuring a few hours of perusing.

In Prague, this pleasant boutique sells everything from comic books to historical literature to romance novels. On the lower ground floor, Luxor has a huge range of English best-seller novels translated from Czech.

If you’re a book aficionado, you might be wondering what to buy in Prague. Then do not hesitate to visit this location.

If you’ve ever exhausted all of your reading options. New releases, travel and cooking, as well as Czech and foreign newspapers and magazines, may be found on the ground floor. The first-floor café is ideal for a cup of coffee and a honey cake.

2. Praha Thrift Store 

It’s a terrific idea to shop at the Praha Thrift Store. You may help those in need by buying in Prague, Czech Republic, and you can preserve the planet by avoiding trash. Due to the affordable pricing and great quality, you can take care of yourself.

The clothes section carries both new and pre-owned fashions. You may probably discover the book consumers were looking for by searching through the wide selection of books.

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Search through the racks of used clothing. The children’s section is a real hotspot for parents and grandparents. Pick up a Teddy Bear seeking for a home or that toy automobile from Skoda.

It appears that many Barbie dolls are looking for new mothers, and father and son will be occupied with model trains for hours.

If you’re unsure about what to buy in the Prague supermarket? then this location will provide you with the right response using their collection.

3. Bric A Brac Antiques

tucked away in a little courtyard behind Tyn Church in the center of Prague. A wonderful antique store called Bric a Brac. This little store is a veritable gold mine, brimming with everything from typewriters to crystal chandeliers.

Look through the jumbled aisles of glassware and household products. Examine old Teddy Bears and Barbie collectibles that are stored in containers.

If you’re lucky, the violin you’re looking for could be a Stradivarius, but don’t depend on it. You should carry a thick wallet because, considering their low-quality appearance, most items are rather expensive.

Once you’ve examined the little showroom at Tynska and tried your luck there, follow the instructions to the one in the courtyard.

If you’re unsure about what to buy in Prague, it’s the ideal location to clear the doubts.

4. Cosmetics Of Beer

Although the Czech Republic is well known for its beer, cosmetics including beer make for more convenient travel mementos.

A well-known Czech cosmetics company called Manufaktura creates high-quality goods using all-natural, non-animal tested components. despite the fact that they produce a wide range of goods, from hand creams to bath salts.

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They are well known for their beer-based cosmetics, which include shampoos, hair conditioners, and shower gels. You won’t appear like you’ve gone on a rampage because of the beer’s makeup, don’t worry.

Instead, anticipate a light fruity aroma and a high B vitamin content in the items. Prague’s retail malls are home to several Manufaktura stores. Prague has several stores where you may find these goods at a discount.

5. The Puppets

Children in Prague don’t play puppetry. Here, hand-made, hand-carved marionettes are created for discriminating individuals who value exceptional quality over anything else.

Prague puppet stores may be located all throughout the region, although several are in Old Town, close to Charles Bridge. Styles and sizes range.

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Here, you may find everything from witches and demons to fictional characters, public personalities, cartoon characters, and animals. Praguens like to claim that you don’t pick the puppet; rather, the puppet chooses you, so enter with no preconceived notions of what you want and see where your eyes land.

Whatever you decide, you’ll leave Prague with a one-of-a-kind memento. If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy in Prague, puppet is a great choice.

6. Garnet

In the Czech Republic, garnet is a semi-precious stone with a lengthy tradition as a royal jewel. Today, garnet is used to create anything from paperweights to artwork to Prague jewelry, so there is likely to be something that matches your budget.

One thing to keep in mind is that synthetic garnet is widely available, so always ask for an authenticity certificate before making a purchase.

Additionally, Granat Turnov, a well-known garnet from the Czech Republic, is offered online. If you don’t have a spending limit, shopping in Prague is a lot of fun.

7. Bohemian Glass

photo of masquerade masks
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Bohemian crystal is a classic glass style that is hand-cut and graved in little workshops all across the Czech Republic.

Although the words can be deceptive, in the Czech Republic, “cristal” refers to exquisite, high-quality glass that contains a significant proportion of lead. Lead makes the crystal extremely reflecting, easy to engrave, thicker, and more durable than most glassware.

For upscale Bohemian crystal, visit the official Moser shop. In Prague, there are several souvenir stores where tourists may buy Bohemian crystal labels. Such delicate yet long-lasting items are lovely keepsakes of your visit.

Additionally, it is a crucial component of what makes Prague famous.

8. Teas And Tea Paraphernalia

tea on a ceramic cup
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Prague residents like their tea houses, however many tourists overlook these delightful locations.

When you sit down to have a cup of tea, the major tea businesses in the Prague area often sell a variety of packaged and loose-leaf teas, porcelain and metal kettles, unique tea strainers and cups, and other tea accessories.

When in Prague, look for a sign that says “ajovny” and enter for a warm beverage and a lovely tea-related memento.

9. Wafers Spa

A specific kind of enormous cookie with a wafer is called a spa wafer. While several businesses produce spa wafers, the most well-known ones are produced in Karlovy Vary, a city well renowned for its thermal water fountains and baths.

Spa wafers are quite huge and very thin, with a delectable chocolate, hazelnut, or vanilla layer hidden beneath.

Wafer boxes are available for purchase in stores and supermarkets all across Prague and make a wonderful keepsake to take home.

10. Toys Made From Wood (Wooden Toy)

closeup photo black door yes we are open signage
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

The passion Prague has with wooden toys may be understood by anybody who has a child at heart. These are a more affordable option to intricate handcrafted mementos like vintage automobiles, railroads, and hanging animals.

Wooden toys are widely available in souvenir shops and on weekend markets like Havel’s Market in the heart of Prague.

11. The Herbal Liqueur Becherovka

The well-known herbal beverage Becherovka, albeit originally from another city in the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary), is offered in all taverns and pubs worldwide.

The bitter beverage contains subtle ginger undertones and a variety of spices and herbs, but the formula for making it is maintained a well guarded secret. Due to its high alcohol level, Becherovka is typically consumed as a shot (ABV 38 percent ).

You can get miniature bottles of this liquor in most Prague stores and supermarkets, and it makes a wonderful, expensive gift to bring home for friends or relatives. If you don’t buy these drinks, your shopping in Prague isn’t complete.

12. Mucha Posters

From Prague’s Old Town Hall to its theaters and cafes, Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau paintings are well-known worldwide.

But Mucha is well known for his paintings of stunning women. Although the majority of the originals are in museums or special collections, you can buy copies practically anyplace in the city.

For the best collection, visit the Mucha Museum. These artworks are also among the top items to purchase in Prague.

13. Kafka Souvenirs

The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka’s most well-known book, was written in Prague, where he was born and spent the majority of his life.

No trip to Prague would be complete without a literary stop to the Kafka Museum, which features a number of exhibitions, including first editions, papers, diaries, and original pictures.

Before you depart, stop by the gift store to pick up copies of his works, as well as calendars, postcards, and a variety of other presents and collectibles that were inspired by Kafka. Shopping in Prague will undoubtedly find something here.

Tips For Shopping In Prague

If you decide to buy souvenirs, apparel, or glasses in Prague, keep the following purchasing advice in mind:

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  • Instead of going to stores that only carry the newest brands, shop at well-known stores. Visit the Nové Msto, Old Town, and Malá Strana marketplaces.
  • Because there are so many souvenir shops, try to resist making impulsive purchases.
  • If you want to acquire real crystal and glassware, Moser is the best place to go.
  • Visit antique book stores to look for interesting and one-of-a-kind artifacts like old books, lithographs, and Bohemian maps.
  • understanding when and where to buy In the mornings, street markets are crowded with fruits and vegetables; as the day wears on, they switch to selling wooden toys, apparel, marionettes, and artwork.
  • If you live outside of the EU, you can shop without paying taxes.


Prague is a amazing destination for traveler who is traveling for the first time and also people love traditional things and culture.

This is all from our side regarding what to buy in Prague. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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FAQs About What To Buy In Prague?

What Should I Buy In Prague?

1. Garnet.
2. Bohemian glass.
3. Teas and tea paraphernalia.
4. Spa wafers.
5. Wooden toys.
6. Mucha posters.
7. Kafka souvenirs.

Is Prague Good For Shopping?

Prague is teeming with crowded tourist stores that provide more affordable goods and souvenirs. Prague is currently brimming with quirky tiny design boutiques, which are best discovered in this maze-like region. The design stores sell both imported models and traditional Czech products that have a long history of innovation and high quality.

What Is Prague Famous For?

Since the Czech Republic is the geographic center of Europe, Prague is also known as the capital of the country and as the Heart of Europe. In the Czech Republic, architecture is particularly well kept, leading the majority of tourists to assume that these gorgeous structures can only be found in our city.

What Is Prague Known For In Shopping?

Prague shopping…. Pick from popular Czech glassware and crystal jewelry or decorations, liquors (such Becherovka, Fernet, Slivovice), garnet and Moldavite jewelry, antiques, Czech spa wafers, traditional pottery, or wooden toys if you wish to purchase anything from the Czech Republic in Prague as a memento.

What To Buy In Prague Airport?

Many more items created in Prague are available for purchase at Blue Prague, Prague Old Timer clocks and watches, as well as Egermann and Mila’s for glassware. The duty-free shops in Aelia and Prague provide a variety of products, including confections, alcohol, cosmetics, and fragrances.

What Is Czech Republic Famous For?

1. Bohemian garnet.
2. Prazdroj.
3. Budvar.
4. Pivovary Staropramen.
5. Bernard.
6. Zlatopramen.

Is Prague Cheap?

Prague is very reasonably priced.
It is the finest city for appreciating historical landmarks, wonderful unique architecture, music, and art, when compared to other significant European cities like Paris, Rome, London, Munich, Barcelona, and Venice, etc. The price is around half that of the cities mentioned above.

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