Is Traveling A Hobby? 09 Best Ideas & Tips

Is Traveling a hobby: There are several advantages to travelling as a hobby, ranging from seeing fascinating new locations and understanding various cultures to a personal sense of accomplishment and perhaps learning a new language. But first, let’s go through

Is Traveling a Hobby?

Absolutely. Traveling is a hobby. The dictionary definition of a hobby is “an activity done for enjoyment when not working.”

So, if you go for pleasure while away from one, you may undoubtedly consider it a hobby. Bonus points for individuals who spend their leisure time researching, following fellow travellers on social media, and reading travel books and stories!

In this article, I’m going to highlight some of the advantages of travelling as a hobby as well as connecting to my favourites pieces that provide fantastic advice for enabling you make the most out of your vacations.

1. Exploring Other Cultures

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One of our favourite reasons for taking up travel as a hobby is the ability to immerse ourselves in new nations and cultures rather than just seeing them on TV or learning about them in a book.

We are not claiming for a second that spending a week in foreign nation teaches you anything, but We do believe it gives us a better knowledge and respect of a culture than never having there.

When We can talk to individuals, live beside them, buy where they do, and feel awkward in their environment, it starts to help them see some of what is essential.

When everything is said and done, We immediately realize how little difference there is; we all want a happy, decent relationship, a secure place to live, and a great food at the end of the day.

2. Visiting Stunning Destinations

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We all agree that seeing the wonderful locations on Earth with your own eyes is the only way to really grasp them.

It’s simple to be an armchair tourist or cinematic discoverer, creating a ‘expert’ view based on books and photos, but the only way to truly comprehend is to go there.

Flick through all the photographs of Angkor Wat you want, but it’s not until you go that you understand its scale, see the detail of the bas-reliefs, smell the incense flowing down old hallways or feel the dampness that the gets kept inside the vast sandstone temples.

So, perhaps not everybody is incorrect about other nations, but you won’t know unless you go. So Travel as hobby is must.

3. Making New Friends

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Making New Friends is what we love and travel as hobby can help in that. Our phone book contains the phone contacts of a handful who have become more than simply folks we’ve passed on the road.

While most do not become lasting friends, the colourful personalities we encounter on the road become part of the stories we tell for the rest of our lives.

To Clay, whom we accompanied across Laos’ Thakhek Loop, swapping travel experiences over an evening fire.

To Zara & mimi, with whom we spent three hours in Thailand conducting a culinary class and laughed so hard it seemed like we’d known each other for years. Thank you to everyone we’ve met, as well as the hundreds more.

4. New Languages

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Okay, so here’s a straight-up confession: we only speak English…… … others would say that I haven’t quite perfected it yet.

However, if you want to learn a new language, travelling as a hobby may be quite beneficial since it allows you to immerse yourself in that language.

Language brings satisfaction not just through learning it, but also by hearing similar words used in your language that have different meanings all together.

Language is also something that can helpful in emergency case while you are travelling to other nation.

5. Self Reflection

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When travelling, there is plenty of time for observation. When you are away from your typical routine and are restricted to public transportation, your mind naturally wanders.

To be honest, our reflections have hardly been life-changing or life-affirming. We feel like we know ourselves better, think more clearly, and want to slow down.

We think about how appreciative we are for what we have, how much we take my family and friends for granted, and what a fantastic nation we grew up in.

We know that for some, travelling has transformed their lives permanently. It has never happened for us. As the saying goes, if an ass goes travelling, he will not return with a horse – Thomas Fuller.

6. accomplishment

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We get a strong sense of achievement from travel, in fact it’s probably the largest element that makes travelling a pastime for us.

Filling in the map and adding another nation to the list stimulates our collecting and completing attitude.

That’s not to suggest I’m going only to fill in the map, but it’s one of the reasons we chose to visit new sites rather than return to the same ones. I’d want to see a little bit of everything.

It’s also why we visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites when we travel. Not only do we know these are usually fantastic places to visit, but we also like keeping track of how many we have got it to.

7. Feeling At Home Being Unsettled

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We only learn when we are stretched, when we are pushed beyond our comfort zone. And one of the most important things I’ve learnt through my travel pastime is how to be comfortable being uncomfortable and how to think less about things over which We have no control.

The sensation of being in a foreign nation where you don’t understand the language, don’t know anybody, don’t know where to stay, and have no idea where or when to eat.

That is unsettling. It is, nonetheless, strangely freeing.

Strangely, when life is down to its most basic human necessities, all the more sophisticated concerns of email overload, missed deadlines, and workplace friction appear trivial and insignificant.

8. Memories

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We’ve already discussed filling out a map, but there are other methods to keep track of your travels if you do it as a hobby.

Some people keep a lovely notebook or trip diary, while others capture images and assemble large glossy booklets when they return home.

We have a timber bear from Croatia, a woodwork shark from Seychelles and even a wooden ribbiting frog from African Countries.

If you want to go to even more extreme steps, you can even launch a travel blog as I did. It’s a lot of work, but I like it, and it serves as a lasting record of our journeys throughout the world while also providing some extra revenue.

9. Re-Appreciating Your own Nation

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One of the most valuable things we gain from travel is a newfound appreciation for our native country when we return.

The longer we are gone, the more we believe like tourists in our own country when we return, the more we realise the buildings and landscape we’ve passed hundreds or thousands of times without noticing, and the more we recognise all from local pubs to our friendly corner-shop.

If a hobby is defined as an activity done for fun, then travelling as a hobby provides a twofold benefit: the delight of travel itself, as well as the satisfaction of a newfound love of your own nation.


Travel as hobby is one of the great way to elite yourself in the modern times. Traveling is a hobby which will give you the best experiences of your life.

This is all from our side regarding Hobby Traveling. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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FAQ about Travel As Hobby

Does travel count as a hobby?

This one goes without saying: if you travel from one area to another as part of an existing hobby, then travel is part of your hobby

Why Traveling is a hobby?

Traveling as a hobby offers several advantages. There’s no denying it’s a lot of fun. It assists you in growing as a person and understanding yourself. It also provides for seclusion and teaches tolerance for all cultures and communities.

Is travelling an activity?

Travel is one of the few activities in which we engage without knowing the outcome and relish the unpredictability. Nothing is more memorable than a trip that goes perfectly according to plan.

Is traveling a passion?

Traveling is a passion and a way of life for me. It will help you find yourself or obtain a better understanding of who you currently are.

How do you describe traveling?

to go from one location to another, as by automobile, train, aircraft, or ship; take a trip; journey: to travel for pleasure. to travel or go from one place or point to another. to move forward in some way

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