11 Best Golf Travel Bags to safeguard your clubs while travelling

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The best golf travel bags are the focus of today’s post.

Perhaps you already have state-of-the-art golf gear, like a premium bag.

But as anyone who has checked any type of specialty luggage on an airplane can confirm, even the best-quality and most durable suitcase might not be able to withstand the cargo hold and baggage carousel.

If you’re planning a golf vacation that entails checking your clubs, you should acquire a travel-specific golf bag or a robust cover to protect your clubs and golf bag from the inevitable wear and strain of the checked luggage routine.

Having a specific spot for your golf bag will help keep your clubs safe during the journey, even if you plan to drive.

We’ve listed the characteristics you should look for in a top-notch travel golf bag and recommended a few options that fit the bill.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Golf Travel Bag (Buying Guide)

There are other considerations to be made while choosing the best golf travel bags. To learn what to look for and get some insider tips, read the buyer’s guide below.

1. Size

There are many different sizes available for golf travel bags, ranging from large golf bags that can contain all of your clubs to little bags that are only big enough to fit one driver.

Despite the fact that smaller golf bags could be easier to fit in cab trunks, checking both smaller and larger bags at the airport will almost always cost the same, unless you’re successful in evading checked baggage taxes.

2. Mobility and wheels

Keep in mind that in addition to your clubs, you’ll probably have other luggage to manage, so your golf bag should be as mobile as possible if you want to go through the airport swiftly. Although a crossbody strap is great, purchasing superior wheels is a far wiser choice.

3. Comparing a golf bag with a golf bag cover

Travel golf bags are a great alternative if you really don’t want to ruin your regular golf bag while on the road.

If you require access to your bag while traveling, a premium golf bag cover will protect the entire package and ensure that your clubs and bag arrive reasonably safely.

4. Hard in comparison to soft shells

There are two main types of golf travel bags, comparable to other types of luggage: soft shell and hard shell.

While slightly larger and more expensive than soft-shell bags, hard-shell bags are far more robust and often last longer. Soft-shell bags are significantly simpler to carry on your back or place in the taxi’s back seat.

In order to ensure that your clubs arrive intact and prepared for the course, we’ve put together a list of our top golf travel bags.

whether you’re arranging a short domestic trip to the neighboring state or a lengthy international golf vacation.

Some Advice For Packing Golf Bags

I’ll leave you with a couple golf bag packing ideas. These make it more likely that your golf clubs will make it through all of your journeys.

These packing ideas for your golf bag also take into account your prior golf bag carrying experience.

1. Garden The Club Heads

Club heads are important but can also be exceedingly delicate.

They relate to my first tip for putting together a golf bag. Wrap your club heads before packing to make sure they are well-protected when you travel.

If the heads can be removed, do so, and keep them safe in a pocket with good protection.

2. Photograph your golf bag package

Again, incidents do happen. Before leaving your golf bag at the baggage drop, take a picture of it to make sure you can get it back in the same condition.

Check it after you’ve claimed it. One of my most important packing tips for golf may go overlooked, but it is nonetheless important.

You might employ a stiff arm or something like.

A rigid arm will take the impact if your suitcase falls on its side. If buying stiff arms is out of your budget, think about using simply a broom handle.

However, make sure it exceeds the length of your longest club.

3. Fill The Available Space

Golf club collisions are more likely to occur in crevices and gaps. The last piece of packing advise I have is to stuff any empty spaces in your golf bag with clothes and socks.

This will prevent your golf clubs from moving around too much. I have some recommendations about how to fill your golf bag. They should be able to help you get your golf equipment ready for your next trip.

11 Best golf travel bags

As a result, here is our selection of the 11 Best Golf Travel Bags. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Athletico Ace Wheeled Golf Travel Bag

This hard case golf travel bag is unparalleled in terms of strong protection. It is comprised of very durable polyethene on the outside.

Additionally, the case will be closed with SKB’s patent-pending industrial-strength latches, so don’t expect the case to open while it’s being carried.

Most common golf bags can fit in the wheeled carrier, which also features a built-in locking system that has been TSA-approved for increased security.

Remember that it has a strong exterior and is very sturdy, weighing a substantial 19 pounds when empty.

2. Samsonite Hard Side Golf Travel Bag

The Samsonite Hard-Side Golf Bag is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality bag that won’t make them feel heavy while flying.

The hard-sided bag, despite being somewhat big in comparison to other bags and coverings on this list, fits both your clubs and your regular golf bag and protects them from takeoff to touchdown.

The bag also features handles on the top and sides, which make carrying it easy.

It comes in five different colors—black, green, midnight black, silver, and titanium—and weighs 5 pounds when empty.

While the exterior is rigid and will protect your clubs from dents and dings, the interior is padded with extra foam quilting to soften the heads of your clubs.

You can pull or push this bag while traveling thanks to its four multidirectional spinning wheels and two inline skate wheels.

3. Caddy Daddy Constrictor Heavy Duty Case

Our list’s third best golf travel bag is a budget-friendly choice. The Constrictor weights 9 pounds and is composed of extremely durable 1800D all-weather cloth. It includes numerous storage pockets in addition to thick cushioning on the top to protect your clubs.

The Constrictor comes with a 1-year complete replacement guarantee and inline skate wheels to assist you move it through the terminal. This golf travel bag comes in four distinct color combinations.

4. Wheeled Padded Golf Club Travel Bag By OutdoorMaster

Because of its inexpensive cost and commitment to protecting your equipment, this lightweight, padded golf bag by OutdoorMaster with in-line skate wheels is a fan favorite.

The useful travel golf bag is made of rip-resistant, waterproof fabric and has a separate section for golf shoes.

If you prefer to carry your clubs rather than wheel them, this bag has a shoulder strap as well as multiple comfortable handles on the top, bottom, and sides.

It includes a useful U-shaped zipper for easy opening and closing and comes in four different colors, including black, grey, blue, and coffee. The bag’s outside also reveals a card pocket.

5. Travel bag for the Glider Meridian Club By Mountain

The Sun Mountain Golf Club Glider Meridian Club Cover Travel Bag is an excellent option if you prefer to travel light.

Before you exceed the weight restriction established by your airline, you will have plenty of room for your clubs and other belongings with only 11.3 pounds.

In addition to accommodating a full set of clubs, the robust bag offers additional storage pockets that many reviewers note are spacious enough to hold enough clothing and equipment for a weekend excursion.

The variety of colors that are offered for this bag may be its best quality. There are a total of eight different colors available.

All of them include substantial foam padding at the top to protect your clubs and an ingenious retractable leg mechanism to keep them upright while you’re traveling.

6. Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag – Best Golf Travel Bags for Airlines

A discreet, no-frills substitute for flashier or more expensive travel golf bags is Athletico’s simple padded golf bag.

Thanks to the design’s 5 millimeter padding, you may carry your clubs either handled or as a crossbody bag, protecting both your clubs and golf bag.

The strong vinyl foundation protects it from the weather on the ground.

Because some Amazon customers say that the bag tears quickly, it could be better suited for carrying your clubs on a road trip where you can monitor its handling.

7. Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy Golf

This tiny golf bag will store enough drivers or wedges to get you through a trip where you’ll just be playing a few rounds, even though it might not be big enough to hold your whole set.

In actuality, nine clubs can fit, according to the company. The little bag has separate sections for towels, gloves, and golf balls and may hold a pair of shoes.

It is one of the lightest on this list, weighing only 3.5 pounds, yet still providing adequate protection for your clubs.

It is made from a durable 1680D fabric, and extra padding was added at the top to protect your wedges. Packing your clubs for a trip can be done in a sensible and trustworthy manner using this method.

8. Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Best Golf Travel Bag Set

Because they provide some of the toughest and most trustworthy luggage in the business, Samsonite’s three-piece golf travel set is an excellent option for your clubs.

It comes with a matching duffel bag and shoe bag for enhanced convenience and style. It is made of high-quality 600D polyester, which has been demonstrated to withstand the rigors of air travel.

The bag comes in black, blue, grass green, hunter green, red, and silver, which totals six colors. In-line skate wheels with sealed ball bearings are also included for easy pushing and pulling.

Given the three pieces of equipment you get, it would be difficult to beat this Samsonite bag at this price.

9. OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel Bag with Wheels

The Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Travel Cover will be valued by the golfer who is concerned with aesthetics.

Because it is composed of Invista Cordura 1000D waterproof nylon, this premium bag is made to last. It’s simple to pack your full golf bag thanks to two exterior shoe or storage slots.

Possibly the best feature is that it is available in nine interesting color and pattern combinations. So you might find a bag that complements both your personality and the other items in your suitcase.

10. OGIO Alpha Best Golf Travel Cover

The OGIO Alpha Travel Cover is an excellent example of how knowledgeable Callaway is about the things golfers need to play their best.

Your golf bag and adequate clothing for a weekend trip will fit comfortably inside the spacious travel cover, which is constructed of a durable 900D polyester body fabric with an incorporated skid plate for abrasion protection.

You’ll have additional peace of mind knowing that your clubs will arrive safely thanks to internal and external compression straps that inhibit movement. For increased security, a thick layer of foam surrounds the club heads.

11. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Are you seeking for an inexpensive golf travel bag that can hold your clubs and belongings without becoming uncomfortable? The AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is compatible with the majority of regular golf bags despite its tiny size.

Thanks to this bag’s strong 1800D polyester structure and reinforced stress areas, your clubs will be suitably protected while traveling.

It also incorporates in-line skate-style wheels for convenient airport transportation. We like that this bag is available in four colors so you can coordinate it with your other bags.

According to reviews, this bag is the top-selling golf club bag for sports lovers on Amazon. And at less than $50, it’s a great deal.


This list of best golf travel bags will able to fulfill your choice. However, if you want to see more options you can check out amazon.com.

This all from our side regarding best golf travel bag. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

FAQs about Best Golf Travel Bags

How do I choose a golf bag?

Let’s start by going through the features you should think about while choosing your golf travel bag.
1. Type of Case (Hard vs. Soft)
2. Durability.
3. Weight & Wheels.
4. Warranty.
5. Storage.
6. Budget.
7. Club Glove – Last Bag Large Pro.
8. Caddy Daddy Phoenix Golf Travel Bag Cover.

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

The most durable models include those from Pelican, Briggs & Riley, Tumi, Rimowa (although it’s fairly pricey), Osprey, Thule, Travelpro, Away, Eagle Creek, Samsonite, and Delsey.

Is hard side or Softside luggage better?

Because softshell luggage has more give, if you gently cushion the inside, it might be better at preserving sensitive goods. Hardshell bags could, however, be compressed to fit into tight spaces due to its solid exterior, unlike soft-sided bags, which are more likely to be doing so.

What golf bag does Tiger Woods use?

Woods appears to have decided to use the TaylorMade SIM in the 2018 Masters. The top end of Woods’ bag is a TaylorMade M3 5-wood (19 degrees), which went on sale in 2018.

How do you protect your golf clubs when flying?

To take up the additional space required to preserve your golf clubs while traveling, use additional golf towels, bubble wrap, or packaging materials. To prevent rubbing when being carried, they ought to be braided in between the club shafts.

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