What is Travel Document Number?

Traveling to different areas can provide a number of benefits. The list includes things like making lifelong memories, widening your experiences, and increasing personal skills, among other things.
Nevertheless, if you intend to go abroad, you need be well-versed in your travel documents.

To assist you, we will cover the travel document number in today’s article.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s begun!

Travel Document Number

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A travel document number is a series of digits that authorities use to identify every person travelling.
This number can be found on the official travel document you’re carrying. It’s on your passport, visas, and other official documents.

To put simply, your passport number is a particular number that serves as a travel identity document. It is required for visa applications and also for official documents.

A travel document number is there on every passport. It is located in the passport’s top right-hand corner. It’s a 9-digit number that doesn’t appear on any other passport.

Travel Documents Allowed in US

There is no lack of destinations to visit with your friends and family around the globe. Nevertheless, before making any plans, be sure you have all of your travel documents in order.

In different contexts, different forms of documents with travel document Number are approved as legal identity.

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While not everybody will require the same documents, Few necessary travel documents required in the United States include the following: U.S. Passport, Visa, Green Card/Form 1-94, Passport Card, and others.

In the United States, a passport is required for overseas travel. A passport is a document issued by the United States Department of State that allows people to re-enter the nation.

Types of Travel Documents

An identifying number, along with individuals’ details and images, is what validates your travel document.

It will be difficult to identify the passenger submitting documents without this travel number.
Since travel documents are necessary to cross borders and enter foreign territory, officials must be able to recognize each individual who enters and exits any destination.

It is reasonable to conclude that the number certifies your travel paperwork. As a result, officials place a focus on the protection of travel document numbers.

We’ve included the following information to help you recognise the number on your travel documents.


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The majority of individuals are familiar with the concept of a passport. It permits you to travel between your home nation and other nations. It identifies you regardless of where you visit because it is a globally accepted document.

The passport will be used to clear through customs in both your native country and your destination. If a visa is needed to enter the state you wish to visit, getting a passport is usually the first step.

A travel document number appears on every passport. It is located in the passport’s top right-hand corner. It’s a nine-digit number that’s unique to each passport.


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Since a passport isn’t sufficient to travel every state, you may also require a visa. When visiting nations where you are not a citizen and passports are not accepted, you will need a visa. In the United States, the USCIS decides who is granted a visa to enter the country.

A visa contains more information than a passport. It explains what you’re permitted to do and how long you’re permitted to stay in a foreign nation. You must obtain a visa at the consulate of the destination you intend to travel, but in the United States.

  • Types of Visa

There are various types of visas available depending on your objectives. Since the visa application process might take a long time, ensure you have all supporting papers and keep track of your interview and other essential dates.

You’ll need the visa application, which you can generally get online, your passport, the application fee, and a photo to request for a visa. You may also be required to give a justification for your travel and demonstrate that you have the financial means to pay for it.

You’ll respond to questions and produce your fingerprints at the visa interview (usually digitally). You’ll find out whether any additional documentation is required at that time. However, your visa should arrive within a few days.

  • Locating Travel Document Number of Visa

The Visa travel document number is normally in a different colour than the rest of the visa, making it easy to find. It’s in the lower right hand corner of the United States visa.

Green Card

How to Get a Green Card
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If you wish to become a legal resident of the United States after receiving a visa, you’ll require a Green Card. Following approval, the USCIS issues the Green Card. Green Card holders, however, will still require a passport because they are not citizens.

A Green Card may make it faster to go back and forth between your home country and the United States, speeding up the process. To file for a Green Card, you must first verify your eligibility, then fill out Form I-485.

The USCIS will arrange an interview and evaluate your application, just like the visa. Your Green Card travel document number can be found on the back of the card.


Make sure you have all of your travel documentation before leaving the house. While you don’t need to think about what is travel document number, you should double-check that you have the proper papers for your trip.

Getting your travel documents is n’t anything you can do on the spur of the moment; it takes a lot of planning and time.

In this piece, USA Trippers had go over number of travel document as well as the many sorts of travel documents you’ll need to land on foreign territory.

FAQs about what is the beneficiary’s travel document number?

What is the Beneficiary’s Travel Document Number?

The travel document number of the beneficiary is an unique identification that is used to monitor the status of a certain travel document. This identifier can be located on both the travel document and the visa application form. When preparing a visa application or any associated papers, it is critical to include this information.

Is a Travel Document a Passport or Visa?

Any document that you need to traverse territories is referred to as a travel document. If you’re coming to the United States from another nation, you’ll need a passport and a visa. The visa is a document that you keep in your passport that gives you extra information and privileges during your time in the United States.

Is a Passport Number the Same as a Travel Document Number? 

Yes, the number on your passport corresponds to the number on your travel document. You don’t need to memorise it, but if you have a passport card and a passport booklet, keep in mind that the two numbers will be different because every document has its own number.

What is a Passport Number?

A passport number is a component in determining a person’s visa or citizenship status. It might be compared to a person’s social security number.
Passport numbers are usually 15 digits long, with distinctive markers in both capital and lowercase characters. If the first letter Q, U, X, or W in your string comes before the first letter Q, U, X, or W, you can have groups of three digit numbers that are regarded component of your passport number.
Many nations will only recognise the number on your US passport as proof of identity and place of origin. Make sure your passport is usually with you and has the correct number when travelling abroad.

How Early Should You Apply for Travel Documents?

The USCIS website gives an idea of how long any document will take, but always be cautious. Any paper should be expected to take at least a few months.

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