07 Beautiful places to go without passports from US| Where Can You Travel Without A Passport?

Where Can You Travel Without A Passport? Wishing to travel internationally but don’t have a passport, many people ask the question Where can I go without a passport?

Here are the Seven Beautiful places to go without passports from US where Americans can enjoy warm temperatures, stunning beaches, and diverse cultures.

07 Places Where can you travel without a passport? Beautiful places to go without passports from US

These seven foreign places offer all the vacation pleasure for US people without any of the passport restrictions, whether they are from the Caribbean or like to travel to South Pacific jewels. The best places to travel without a passport. are listed below.

Traveling to these countries without a passport is possible.

1. Virgin Islands

surfers on the shore
Photo by Jess Loiterton on Pexels.com

The American Virgin Islands are only a few minutes’ flight away from Puerto Rico. The United States Virgin Islands, which are made up of three main islands — St. Thomas, St. Crix, and St. John’s — as well as a smattering of small islets, rely heavily on tourists and have only recently begun to recover after Hurricane Maria.

Each island has its own distinct appeal. St. John will entice real dreamers with its national forest and famed diving. St.

With innumerable boutiques and jewellers, and also two bustling cruise terminals, Thomas is a shopper’s dream. The variegated St. Croix is a favourite of luxury-seeking honeymooners, thanks to the Danish taste. It’s also one of the places where you can go without needing a passport.

Stay: There are hotels on St. Thomas for every strip, such as the Smart Ritz-Carlton.

2. Puerto Rico

island and ocean under a cloudy sky
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

The island of Puerto Rico has long been a popular among visitors from the United States. Puerto Rico is a reasonable choice for East Coasters because to cheaper airfares than low-cost carriers.

Furthermore, it is among the most accessible Caribbean destinations, as many of its delights are accessible without a US passport.

Stay : Vieques’ boutique Malecon House is ideal for a relaxed beach vacation with a view of the sea.

3. Mariana Islands

rocky coast with crashing waves
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

In their long history, the Micronesian islands have been ruled by a variety of peoples: initially by Spanish colonists in the 16th century, then by Japanese troops during World War II, and finally, following the Battle of Saipan in 1944, by the United States.

The islands rely largely on tourism from Japan, Korea, and the United States, all of which are located to their north.

History buffs can find enough to see on Saipan, the Marianas’ big island, which is home to numerous war memorials and museums.

Adrenaline junkies can visit the grotto, a limestone tunnel with 70-foot-deep water where sea turtles and reef sharks can be seen, or charter a boat to visit the lagoon surrounding Manage Island. One of the lovely places to go without passports from US.

Stay : While the Mariana Islands are almost inaccessible, numerous major hotel chains, notably Hyatt, operate four and five-star resorts in Saipan.

4. Guam

person takes photo of tortoise
Photo by Richard Segal on Pexels.com

Guam, like the northern Marianas, was founded by the Spanish, passed through many hands throughout World War II, and is today one of the many tourist spots for Japanese and American nationals. (The US Army, whose navy, coast guard, and air force bases account for roughly one-third of Guam’s total land area, is its second-largest source of revenue.)

On the one hand, there is plenty to do on this fiery island: the beaches of Tumon are famed for fantastic snorkelling and are known between divers for up to 150 feet of sight around Guam’s coast.

From 400 feet above the Philippine Sea, Two Lovers Point, a cliff-side overlook, provides spectacular ancient vistas (plus a dramatic legend of star-crossed lovers).

Stay: While flights to Guam are not inexpensive, there is lodging available; Tumen and surrounding Tamuning resorts run around $ 200 per night.

5. American Samoa

landscape photograph of lake and mountains
Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

The uninhabited sections of American Samoa, a group of five volcanic islands and two atolls located between Fiji and the Cook Islands, top the list.

Further than the tourist facilities and fast-food restaurants, Tutuila and the surrounding islands are a truly off-the-beaten-path resort, with only a few hotels and minor business disruptions to recall me of home.

Discover unspoiled beaches with only other sunbathing seabirds, coral waters, lava-covered raw coasts, and lava-covered raw coastal. And, unlike some of the more well-known Polynesian sites, native Samoan culture is still unmistakably authentic.

Visit Tissa’s barefoot bar in Allega Village for a drink, a dinner (the chef will grill your freshly held lobster), or a night’s relaxation (a traditional Samoan Hut).

Hawaiian Airlines offers flights to Pago from the United States. One of the most gorgeous places you can go without a passport.

6. Canada

people gathered in front of toronto freestanding signage
Photo by Vincent Albos on Pexels.com

Can you travel to Canada without a passport? Yes, it falls within the category of places to visit without a passport for inhabitants of the United States.

Since the American Revolution, America has shed its Englishness and embraced its distinct cosmopolitan identity.

Of course, this big and modern nation is not just cucumber sandwiches and crickets, but there are a few fascinating historical sites.

If you’re on the east coast of the United States, driving through New York State and stopping at Niagara Falls is a fantastic road trip.

The waterfall is least crowded in the spring and fall, and you may take a boat ride down the falls (far from the mist) and inside the caves.

The falls serve as a natural boundary between the United States and Canada. And what a boundary! Prepare to be enthralled by Mother Nature’s most spectacular floor display!

Toronto is less than 100 miles away once you cross the border into Canada. This amazing city, which sits on the banks of Lake Ontario, is a mix of modern skyscrapers and Old English charm. In 1815, however, the city was renamed York.

To reach Canada from the US West Coast, use a ferry, train, or head north from Washington State.

The normal destination for such visits is Vancouver, but I recommend Blaine, a beach hamlet a few miles from White Rock. Perhaps Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, is merely in Puget Sound.

Although Oscar Wilde once claimed that England and America were two countries separated by a common language, I believe you will discover more parallels with your northern kin while yet enjoying a new adventure. It’s also one of the best places where can you go without a passport.

7. Mexico

people in front of the building
Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com

Is it possible to visit Mexico without a passport? Yes!

Let’s try something new now that we’ve covered Canada’s tranquil destination. One of the nicest destinations to visit without a passport, in my view, is Tijuana, Mexico.

A short journey from San Diego transports you to another world rich in culture, delicious cuisine, and the rental of Mexican villas.

There are several points of view on Mexico, the majority of which stems from Netflix’s ambition to produce popular shows about drug cartels and violence.

There’s a lot more to Mexico than Mexico, and Tijuana is a tasty way to sample some of the country’s original flavours in a single mouthful.

Thousands of American tourists, on the other hand, cross the border each year.

Young travellers who wish to enjoy a laid-back ambiance and party scene flock to Tijuana for the weekend. Tequila, craft beer, melt-in-your-mouth tacos, music… it’s all ready for you.

Whether in quiet galleries or in architecture, art and design are two key components of this metropolis. The Turista Libre programme is a fantastic way to tour the city.

Take a ride on one of these ancient school buses / mobile bars to learn about Tijuana’s history and culture. It’s also a loud, crowded, and enjoyable environment.

As they return home, the same norms of conduct and safety apply. This isn’t a lawless enclave. It’s a taste of a rich and historical heritage that you can appreciate! It was the final destination on our list of  where can I go without a passport


These 07 Beautiful places to go without passports from US are just made to our list, However, there are many other places as well where can you go without a passport from US.

This is all from our side regarding where can you travel without a passport. Let us know your views in the comment section.

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FAQs about places to go without passports

Where can a US citizen travel without a passport?

1. Virgin Islands
2. Puerto Rico
3. Mariana Islands
4. Guam
5. American Samoa
6. Canada
7. Mexico

Can you go to the Bahamas without a passport?

Despite the fact that The Bahamas is a visa-free destination, U.S. citizens are normally required to show a valid U.S. passport as well as proof of planned departure from The Bahamas when visiting.

Where in the Caribbean can you go without a passport?

Virgin Islands, United States of America You may take a Caribbean vacation without a passport if you stay to the US Virgin Islands of St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas.

Can you go to other countries without a passport?

Without a legal passport, you won’t be able to travel abroad, and you’ll be stuck in the United States until you pay the IRS in full. In fact, if you have a second passport, you can use it to depart the US and travel to any nation without needing a visa.

How to travel without a passport?

A passport is not required for travel to US territory by air, land, or sea. Non-drivers must instead bring suitable photo identification, including a current driver’s licence or ID card, which may be issued by their state’s motor vehicles department.

Can you travel without a passport in an emergency?

Citizens cannot leave the nation unless they have a valid passport or an emergency travel authorization issued by the US. If you need a passport in an emergency, you can approach the National Passport Information Center of the US Department of State for help.

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